6 Ways to Look Better on Your Next Zoom call

Have you ever suffered from bad skin during a Zoom meeting? Maybe you caught a glimpse of yourself and just didn’t look your best? Whether it’s an important client meeting or just catching up with friends, a lack of confidence on video calls can make the basics of interaction harder, and even cause anxiety. After a little research, and months of trial and error, I’ve written my top tips on how to improve the look of your skin on zoom calls:

Rest up

I’m sure you’ve heard how important sleep is, especially for skincare regimens, but do you really know why it’s so essential? Our body needs quality rest to rejuvenate, repair, and rebuild parts of our body that have been affected by stress and free radicals throughout the day. This includes skin cells and collagen production, which are essential to glowing skin. Experts recommend at least 7 hours, and turning off digital devices an hour before you hit the hay. In short, the more sleep you get, the better you’ll look on that call. Getting more sleep also reduces stress, boosts immunity, and makes us less easily irritated. Studies have shown a proper rest can even decrease the chances of developing certain illnesses like ulcers or breast cancer. Anyone else feeling like a snooze all of a sudden?


Looking to roll back the years? SPF moisturiser helps prevent aging of the skin and reduces wrinkles. This is a direct result of reduced cell damage and promotes healthy collagen which can improve elasticity, texture, and fine lines. SPF moisturisers are essential to a comprehensive skincare routine; applying them to the face but can also be used on other parts of the body too like the arms or legs. Most people understand the importance of SPF protection in the summer, but winter sun can cause irreparable damage to skin cells, and is often overlooked. 

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It’s all in the eyes

With so much time spent on screens during lockdown (over 13 hours a day according to some studies) it’s no surprise that people are suffering from tired eyes and puffiness like never before. You might want to try a routine of facial exercises to stimulate circulation to the muscles around the eyes in combination with your skincare routine. As well as a wealth of non-invasive treatments there are some excellent products on the market specifically created to give you more healthy looking eyes. Our favourite is from iSClinical, and uses intelligent proteins, peptides, and antioxidants, to ensure everyone on your next call sees you bright-eyed and beautiful.

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Apply a tint

Need a quick fix? Tinted skincare products are an instant way to make your complexion look more vibrant and clear.

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Lighting counts

No matter how perfect your skin is, if you’re badly lit, you won’t look your best when it matters most. The lighting and camera angles of a video call could reveal flaws in your skin tone, and can increase the appearance of eye bags. Try a ring light or lamp with a diffuser, directly in front of your face for glowy skin.

Don’t forget the neck

When we think about looking good for conference call, It’s easy to forget about anything below the chin, but damaged skin and signs of ageing around the décolletage area can undo even the most rigorous of routines. The neck and shoulders make up about 30% of what your caller sees so they’re worth the effort, and what’s more - these problem areas are so easy to improve.

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